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Genetic Testing

Genetic testing identifies inherited disease risk so you can work with your provider to make informed health care decisions. About 10% of all cancers are hereditary, and can be traced to an inherited mutation in one of the genes that play a role in protecting the body against cancer.

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AmbryGen testing
AmbryGen testing

Is Genetic Testing Right for You?

Your personal and family history should help decide whether or not genetic testing is right for you. There are a number of inherited diseases, ranging from extremely rare conditions to more prevalent illness that genetic testing can discover. If your family history indicates cancer, heart or neurological disorders, you may want to discuss genetic testing with your medical provider. Innovative Vitality offers testing from Ambry Genetics. The menu of genetic tests is focused on four categories of genetic disease: Hereditary Cancer, Heart Conditions, Hereditary Neurological Disorders, and Rare Conditions.


What to Expect

Genetic testing consists of a simple blood test, or sometimes a saliva sample, that is sent to a lab. Results will be sent to your healthcare provider, who will walk through any findings and discuss next steps with you.

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