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Billing & Insurance

Innovative Vitality accepts medical insurance for all appointments and lab tests. Our monthly care fee accounts for the additional time, resources and care you receive as a patient.

Accepted Plans

Patient and provider in a telemedicine appointment

Innovative Vitality Billing & Fees

How Much Will My Care Cost?

Monthly Care Fee

As a concierge medical practice, we spend a considerable amount of time with each patient—far more than medical insurance companies will cover.

We also have a team dedicated to securing GLP1 medications (Wegovy, Ozempic, and Mounjaro) and other prescriptions that insurers often deny. We offer the InBody® body composition analysis (not covered by insurance), the ability to talk over the phone, chat via text messaging, and other communications not covered by insurance. Our monthly membership fee offsets these costs, and it allows us to be accessible to our patients between visits. Simply put, we deliver a higher level of care.


Insurance Accepted

Innovative Vitality accepts most major insurance plans. We will bill your insurance for all medical appointments and lab tests. Patients are responsible for any co-pays, co-insurances, and costs not covered by the insurer, in addition to the monthly care fee. You can review a complete list of insurance plans we accept by clicking below.

Accepted Plans

Our Membership Model​

Initiation Fee - $250 Monthly Fee - $250

Insurance is accepted for all appointments and lab visits. We accept most major insurance plans.

The monthly care fee allows for longer appointments, text/email communication between provider and patient, body composition analysis (InBody®), and other services not covered by insurers.

Innovative Vitality requests a 12-month commitment from our patients.