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Longevity, Weight Loss

Our providers are your doctors and health coaches all in one

January 03, 2024

In the journey towards a healthier lifestyle, many of us encounter challenges that extend beyond simple diet and exercise routines. This is where the role of a health coach becomes invaluable. Health coaching goes beyond giving advice on nutrition and exercise; it delves into the intricacies of behavior change. At Innovative Vitality, our medical providers double as health coaches and guide patients toward better health. Frequent check-ins and continuous coaching is a catalyst for behavior change. It is also key to achieving meaningful health improvements. Here are six ways your Innovative Vitality provider will coach you toward better health in 2024. 


Personalized Guidance:
  • Every patient is unique. That’s why “one size fits all” programs don’t work. Innovative Vitality delivers personalized medicine. Our medical providers double as health coaches and offer guidance tailored to meet your individual needs. We take time to understand your unique circumstances, challenges, and goals. This personalization is key to initiating and sustaining behavior change.
Setting Realistic Goals:
  • A health coach helps you set achievable, realistic goals. Rather than focusing solely on the end result, the emphasis is on small, attainable milestones. Breaking down larger objectives into manageable steps makes the process less overwhelming and more sustainable.
Identifying Barriers and Solutions:
  • Understanding the barriers to change is crucial. At Innovative Vitality, we work  collaboratively with patients to identify obstacles and develop effective strategies to overcome them. Whether it’s addressing emotional triggers, time constraints, or lifestyle factors, your provider will offer practical solutions.
Building Self-Awareness:
  • Behavior change often starts with self-awareness. Health coaches guide individuals in recognizing patterns, triggers, and thought processes that may hinder progress. This heightened self-awareness empowers individuals to make conscious choices and cultivate healthier habits.
Motivation and Accountability:
  • Sustaining motivation can be challenging, especially when faced with setbacks. As a new Innovative Vitality patient, you’ll meet with your medical provider weekly for the first two months. These check-ins allow us to take a deep dive into your health. They also foster motivation and accountability. We’ll help you stay on track, celebrate successes, and navigate challenges with resilience.
Educating and Empowering:
  • Having a medical provider as your health coach is invaluable. We examine your overall health and make a plan to improve it. Innovative Vitality providers examine your blood work, vitamin levels, nutrition habits, lifestyle and more. We use tools such as continuous glucose monitoring and InBody assessments to give us  data that can be used to establish a plan of care and inspire behavior change. Your medical provider will empower you with knowledge about what’s happening inside your body. By understanding the ‘why’ behind certain choices, individuals are more likely to adopt healthier behaviors. Education fosters a sense of ownership over one’s health.

Behavior change unlocks the door to lasting health transformations, ensuring that positive habits become ingrained and lead to sustained well-being. If you’re looking to make positive health changes in 2024, a qualified health coach should be a key component of your plan. Innovative Vitality uniquely combines personalized primary care and coaching to guide patients toward health goals.