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Should I get a full body MRI?

July 02, 2024

Knowledge is power, and the Innovative Vitality approach is to gather as much data as we can so together we can make informed decisions about your health. One option we offer patients is a full body MRI scan by Prenuvo to help predict future disease. It gives us comprehensive knowledge about what is going on under your skin – system by system, organ by organ, covering over 500 conditions. 


Unexplained pain, family history, genetic predispositions, overall peace of mind – there are many reasons to get the MRI. The scan is safe and appropriate for almost everyone. Talk with your Innovative Vitality provider to learn more and determine if a full body MRI is right for you. 


4 Important Advantages to Getting a Whole Body MRI Scan as Soon as Possible


This isn’t your Average MRI Machine

The MRI uses multiparametric techniques and diffusion-weighted imaging to accurately detect cancer and over 500 conditions in their early stages. 


The Test is under an Hour

The thought of a MRI may cause anxiety, but the machine has a spacius chamber and you can speak with your technologist at any time. You can also listen to music or watch your favorite show to keep your mind occupied. You’ll be done in under an hour.


You’ll get Comprehensive Results

Up to 2,000 images are taken during the scan and sent to a Prenuvo trained radiologist for assessment. The results will be shared with your Innovative Vitality physician within approximately 10-15 days.


It Could Save Your Life

Quite simply, doing the MRI could detect a problem early, and you can do something about it. The MRI checks for hundreds of conditions, including most solid tumors at Stage 1, and silent killers like aneurysms. Once you have the results, you can work with your provider to come up with a plan to address the findings if you need to.




Talk with your Innovative Vitality provider to register for the test.