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What is Longevity Medicine and How Can I Benefit

May 20, 2024

Longevity medicine is anti-aging medicine, and is focused on extending the healthy lifespan by delaying the onset of age-related diseases and optimizing overall health. It integrates principles from fields such as geriatrics, preventive medicine, and cutting-edge scientific research on aging. At Innovative Vitality, we use a personalized approach, including genetic analysis, advanced diagnostics and lifestyle interventions to enhance your quality of life and promote vitality well into old age. The goal is not just to prolong life but to ensure that extended years are lived in good health and independence.



In longevity medicine, we want to improve your lifespan – the number of years you live. But we also want to improve your healthspan. Healthspan refers to the period of your life that you are generally healthy, free from serious or chronic illnesses, and able to perform daily activities without significant limitations. The emphasis is on quality of life rather than just the length of life, aiming for extended years of good health and functional capability. So you can actively play with your grandkids, travel, play sports and exercise.



Longevity medicine works by combining advanced scientific research with personalized medical care to extend the healthy years of your life. We begin with comprehensive bloodwork and body composition analysis combined with an in-depth family history, assessments, and in some cases predictive testing to identify potential health risks and aging biomarkers. Based on these insights, we design an individualized plan that could include taking supplements, weight loss recommendation, changes to your diet, muscle-building plan, predictive testing and more.  We meet frequently to check in on your progress and continue to adapt the guidance as you progress.



It can be difficult to think 20, 30, 40+ years into your future, and make decisions today that will impact your health later. But that is exactly what we want you to do. The three main benefits of the longevity medicine approach to your health are:

Enhanced Quality of Life: Longevity medicine focuses on preventing age-related diseases and maintaining physical and mental health, ensuring that individuals can enjoy a high quality of life well into old age. This includes improved mobility, cognitive function, and overall vitality, allowing for more active and fulfilling later years.

Personalized Health Care: By utilizing genetic analysis, biomarker monitoring, and personalized health plans, longevity medicine provides tailored interventions that address individual health risks and needs. This personalized approach leads to more effective prevention and treatment strategies, maximizing the benefits of medical care.

Increased Lifespan and Healthspan: Longevity medicine aims to extend not only the total years of life (lifespan) but also the years spent in good health (healthspan). This dual focus helps reduce the prevalence and impact of chronic diseases, and allows you to live a longer life with fewer health-related limitations and dependencies.



The Innovative Vitality providers are champions for your help. We take hours of time with you in your first months as a patient, and down the road too. Because we see fewer patients, we’re able to dedicate more time to each person. We look at a broad range of factors to determine how to get you to your optimal health. In addition to bloodwork, a body composition analysis and an in-depth family history, we may recommend testing to predict future disease, such as the Whole Body MRI, Galleri test by Grail or Ambry Genetics genetic test. It’s a highly personalized approach, unlike what you’ve experienced in traditional primary care.


You deserve to be in your best health, now and down the road. Book a discovery call to get started on your journey to optimal health. You’re worth it.