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How To Achieve Vitality

At Innovative Vitality, our process is designed to set our patients up for success—each step of the way. Below is an overview of what we focus on in each phase to help you achieve your goals.

Laying the groundwork for longevity.

Health history, sleep, blood work, behavior change, glucose monitoring, weight loss

More on Phase One

Phase Two

Taking your health to the next level.

Muscle building, protein goals, supplements, health optimization


Phase Three

Mindest and overall wellness.

Continual health improvement, mindset, fulfillment, life goals

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Phase One

In phase one, we get to know one another and we take a deep dive into your health. We are about to partner for an incredible journey, so we’ll take the time to discuss your health history, sleeping habits, nutrition, exercise, and more. We’ll use this data to devise a plan of action. Our focus is on disease prevention. We want to make meaningful health improvements to reduce your risk of illness.

Health analysis & goal setting

Glucose monitoring


InBody® scan

Coaching & education


Weight loss medication 

(if applicable)

Blood work

Intermittent fasting


Phase One Key Focus: 

Achieving your ideal body weight.

Phase Two

Phase two begins once patients have been coached through all aspects of phase two and they have achieved their ideal body weight. In phase two, improving skeletal muscle mass becomes a focus. Muscle growth and maintenance plays an important role in disease prevention and healthy aging.

Preventative health

Macro monitoring (protein)

InBody® scan

Coaching & education


Muscle building

Strength training strategy

Phase Two Key Focus:

Protein intake, strength training and continuing to improve blood work

Phase Three

Phase three occurs when we have made significant measures to optimize your health. Your lab results are optimal, your weight and muscle mass are ideal and you are continuing to eat, exercise and live in a way that supports long-term health and longevity. In phase three, we’ll look at your mental health and ask you to consider questions regarding past traumas, regrets, stress, and overall happiness.

Preventative health


Health maintenance
& continual improvement


Macro monitoring (protein)


Phase Three Key Focus:

Mental health and life fulfillment

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