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Jen M, Before/After

Innovative Vitality Patient

Jen M.

AGe 46


“Insulin resistance was contributing to my weight gain.”

Jen’s Story

I spent years trying to lose weight with diet and exercise, but I could never get my weight to come down more than a few pounds. The providers at Innovative Vitality showed me that insulin resistance was partly to blame. They put a continuous glucose monitor on my arm, which allowed us to see that my blood sugar was spiking repeatedly throughout the day. This data showed me what foods were to blame and helped me change my diet to reduce glucose spikes. This, combined with  medication to control blood sugar (even though I am not diabetic) helped me lose more than 70 pounds.


My health has improved dramatically since I started with Innovative Vitality. I’m at my ideal body weight, I sleep better, I have less joint pain, and I have far more energy than I ever did before. Best of all, I know my health is on the right track for long-term health.


If you want to lose weight and you aren’t talking to your doctor about blood sugar, you are missing out. It was truly the key to my weight loss. I now understand how my body reacts to the foods I eat, which helps me make informed food choices. I still enjoy my favorite foods and treats sometimes, but I work to keep my blood sugar in a designated range the majority of the time. The doctors at Innovative Vitality did more than just tell me “diet and exercise.” They educated me and guided me every step of the way. This is not a rigid program with a specific diet, and it’s not a quick-fix. Innovative Vitality providers go above and beyond to help patients improve their health and make changes that are both effective and sustainable.

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