Rahul Khare, MD
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Rahul Khare, MD

Primary Care Physician Chicago IL

Rahul Khare, MD, is the CEO and founder of Innovative Care, a group of medical practices that are changing the way healthcare is delivered in Chicago. Khare founded Innovative Vitality after embarking on his own health journey. Over the course of about 18-months, Khare dramatically improved his  bloodwork, lost 44lb (while building muscle and reducing fat), improved sleep, and gained confidence and energy. As his body transformed physically, Khare’s previous notions about weight loss and health were challenged. He immersed himself in the growing body of research and data surrounding longevity medicine, GLP1s for weight loss and more. This is what inspired Innovative Vitality.


Innovative Vitality is the 15th medical practice Khare has opened. Khare is committed to improving healthcare through greater efficiency, the use of technology and forward-thinking. His medical practices include: Innovative Primary Care, Innovative Express Care, Innovative Therapy, Innovative Wellness, Innovative Psychedelics, Innovative MedSpa and Innovative Vitality. Innovative Care also operated four COVID testing and treatment locations during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Khare is admired by his patients for to his down to earth approach and commitment. He is approachable, compassionate and forms a connection with each patient. He is proud to help patients make meaningful changes in their health and loves partnering with them to do so.


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