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Whole Body MRI Chicago

Get comprehensive knowledge about what is going on under your skin – system by system, organ by organ, covering over 500 conditions. A fully body MRI scan by Prenuvo® provides knowledge that can empower you to make positive change to your healthcare journey.

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Full Body MRI Scan Chicago IL - Whole Body MRI with Prenuvo
Full Body MRI Scan Chicago IL - prenuvo mri

Why get a full body MRI scan?

Unexplained pain, family history, genetic predispositions, overall peace of mind – there are many reasons to get a Prenuvo scan. The scan is safe and appropriate for almost everyone. Talk with your medical provider to learn more and determine if a full body MRI is right for you. We partner with Prenuvo to offer Innovative Vitality patients lower pricing and easy scheduling access.

What to expect

During the full body MRI, a technician will ask you to lay down in the scanner and rest lightweight image receiver coils on your body. You will briefly hold your breath at periods for abdominal imaging, but otherwise you can rest, relax and watch a show or listen to music during your scan. The scan takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. Up to 2,000 images are taken during the scan and sent to a Prenuvo trained radiologist for assessment. The results will be shared with your Innovative Vitality physician within approximately 10-15 days.

Full Body MRI Scan Chicago IL - prenuvo mri machine

Frequently Asked Questions

Innovative Vitality patients receive special pricing with Prenuvo. The cost of a full body MRI through the Innovative Vitality program is $2,499.

Prenuvo has an office at 1035 W Van Buren St, Suite 100, in the Chicago loop. The Innovative Vitality team will assist you in scheduling and coordinate your scan as part of our service to our patients. This is also important so you receive our rates.

Results will be sent to your Innovative Vitality provider within 10-15 days. If something serious is discovered, Prenuvo alerts us as soon as possible so we may discuss next steps and recommend a specialist in the area.