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Experience the Power of Personalized Primary Care

Innovative Vitality specializes in longevity medicine, medical weight loss, and preventative primary care. Our Chicago team delivers highly personalized care. Become a member and optimize your health today.


Longevity Doctor Chicago - Innovative Vitalty Providers

Our Three-Phase Approach to Improve Your Health

Take a deeper dive into each phase and discover the process we use to take your health to the next level.

Phase 1, 2 & 3

Doctor-led Weight Loss

GLP Medications & Glucose Monitoring

For many patients, blood glucose is the key to weight loss. The Innovative Vitality team will determine if glucose spikes and insulin resistance are causing weight gain. We customize plans to help patients achieve a healthy weight, and commonly prescribe continuous glucose monitoring and GLP-1 medications. Our approach to weight management is rooted in science. Obesity is a medical issue…so why wouldn’t we tackle it at the doctor’s office?

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Longevity Medicine

Optimize your health to live longer

The goal of longevity medicine is to help people live longer, healthier lives with a higher quality of life. Longevity medicine focuses on preventing age-related diseases and increasing lifespan by taking a comprehensive approach to health. Our providers look at factors such as lifestyle, environment and genetics to identify ways to improve health and prevent disease.

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Personalized Primary Care

easy access with a focus on health optimization

Innovative Vitality offers highly personalized primary care. We specialize in longevity medicine and weight management, but we offer all of the “regular” primary care stuff, too. You can turn to us for annual physicals, medication management, medical concerns and more. Our focus is on prevention, and our goal is to keep you well.

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A health coach at your side

While most primary care doctors only see their patients annually, or as needed, we schedule frequent check-ins to keep your health on track. Your first appointment will be in-person at our office so we take blood, measurements, and do an InBody analysis. Moving forward, 90 percent of your appointments can be done virtually. The typical appointment schedule is as follows*:

  • 1st month: weekly visits
  • 2nd month: weekly visits
  • 3rd month: biweekly visits
  • 4th month & beyond: monthly visits

*Or at the discretion of your medical provider

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Our Membership Model​

Initiation Fee - $250 Monthly Fee - $250

We accept most major insurance plans and we will bill your insurance for appointments and lab visits. In addition to any applicable insurance copays, patients pay a monthly membership fee to Innovative Vitality. The monthly care fee allows for longer appointments, text/email communication between provider and patient, priority access at our urgent care, body composition analysis (InBody®), and other services. Innovative Vitality patients also receive a 15% discount at Innovative MedSpa

Innovative Vitality requests a 12-month commitment from our patients.

Our Story

From personal health journey to passion project

As an ER physician, I spent decades treating patients when they got sick. But as I entered my mid-40s, and I started to focus more on my own health, I was drawn to the field of longevity medicine. I enlisted the help of an MD who is a leader in longevity medicine, and I asked her to guide and mentor me. During the course of about 18 months, my bloodwork dramatically improved, and I lost 44 lbs. while building muscle and reducing fat. As my body transformed physically, my previous notions about weight loss and health were challenged. I immersed myself in the growing body of research and data surrounding longevity medicine, GLP1s for weight loss and more. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this is my passion. As I continued on my own health journey, I helped numerous friends and family begin theirs. This is what inspired Innovative Vitality, a medical practice dedicated to prevention and longevity. As a longevity doctor Chicago residents can turn to, it is a privilege to help them (and you) improve their (your) health in such a meaningful way.

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Longevity Doctor Chicago - Rahul Khare, MD - CEO and President Innovative Care

“I genuinely enjoy helping people make meaningful improvements in their health.”

Rahul Khare, MD
Founder & CEO

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